We Two Lovers

Ian Gattie Photography
Ian Gattie Photography

Let us speak of the line that has been drawn, lest we find ourselves within the bleakest of days alone and withdrawn. 

It is not the line itself that may cause the friction between we two lovers, but it is the ignorance that it exists that clouds our endeavors.

So, speak the words that sit suspended in your throat, and purify yourself in the peace it quietly invokes.

But, hold fast to the eagerness of love, to stave off the bitterness of a vengeful tongue, because words without thought are just daggers seeking blood.

Beware, it starts as a small wound that a bandage of words cannot completely fix, and it does nothing but grow when ignorance persists.

It is like an emotional cancer getting blacker by the day, leaving the wounded bitter and in quiet pain.

And what is left, but to hide behind a wall that protects us from the emotional drain?

Now that we two lovers see this as a battlefield of war, and words are the weapons of love ignored.

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