The Silencer

Too many worlds have collapsed beneath its feet. Its fist always the decider, and always the final silencer. Each new day brings fresh blood, spilled upon mountains of decayed flesh and bones that have collected over the centuries. Yet, this was not its choice. This was not its decision. This was the doing and the plight of the smallest minded sentient creatures it has even known. Humanity sickens it sometimes, even as it intrigues it so. So, again and again, it has settled and repeated on the worlds whim, looking for new reasons to spare them.

Some call it god, some call it devil, but it is neither. It is alone, unseen and unheard in the eyes and ears of humanity. It is neither male or female nor son or daughter; it claims no identity as trivial as this. It knows what the truth is, the truth that these humans refuse to accept. The world is without reason. The world is random, and without cause. Even it cannot control the world, but only to occupy the cleansing alone.  Yet, the humans place blame and praise on it without fail, and sadly, without the knowledge that they even do so. It now just wants to rest. It wants to let go of the chains tying it to this duty. It goes to slumber thinking this, and in dreams wishes it were true.

Here Again

Sitting here with you againnewlogo

They say you are my enemy

but you are my closest friend


I feel the sting as I breathe in

And as exhale

I release the suffering


These red rivers start to flow

Going deeper, much deeper

You’ll never know


I watch as the old paths erode

Although my eyes are ashamed

I feel comfort in my soul Registered & Protected<br /><br /><br />

Look Deeper

2014-06-08 13.24.18
Hiking in New York State, Zoar Valley

We are taught from birth, If you close your eyes to the wickedness,

you may find the world covered in silk.

But don’t ever look deeper, because you may find the truth too harsh to bare,

As they forever funnel pockets of gold into feeble channels of market fair.

These crystal tongues rest within flippant strangers, who weave a sweet fragrance,

just to steal the blood of earth.

Your mind is carried in waves, through a tube of pictures,

built on subjective subjugation and religious sacrament.

Oh sadness, the blanket of the tormented, the one who feeds the artist,

your song is heard through every steeple that

is filled with lies from men of cloth.

Oh sadness, gift your talons of purity into the flesh of the unabandoned eye,

because even in the light, truth scars us bitter.

The people weep, their tears are rivers and the palace is closed and silent.

The palace says we must satisfy the beast before the scraps can be left for the sheep.

They say submerge yourselves, in the crimson waters of negativity,

so bullets meeting target need no explanation.

Plastic soldiers that breed fanatic tricksters, eat willing of the dead,

that are quickly filed through this rusty train yard.

On and on the ticker ticks, for all the lines of the unmissed,

It’s disproportionate isn’t it, our kids, they who wallow in decay, homes taken away,

Bench sleeping, tent weeping, as they cut it away.

Don’t move, hands up, gunned down, for being brown.

Is this what the dream came to be?

It’s the divide, to conquer or to die, but not they.

In trust for the people, as long as you build a steeple or provide a checkout line.

Numbers upon numbers, an influx of credit for the sharks in the palace,

and they lock it away.

And rather than show love of your brother, or an acceptance of one another,

here upon the pavement, spikes are built, and the temple becomes the tormentor.

Yet, It just takes moments to rethink your assumptions,

education to defeat your illusions,

and acceptance to change your heart.

It is time to rethink the conformity, replant ingenuity, populate integrity,

and bypass the deformity of our society.