Behind The Mask

The girl who never measures up,2014-06-08 13.24.18

feeling like she’ll never be enough.
The girl who constantly backs down
afraid of standing her ground.
Afraid, she’s afraid
they’re gonna block her out.
What changed her?
did this world break her?

She used to be the greatest
a dream chaser.
Now, she looks in the mirror,
that girl she sees…
she hates her!
Watching from the sidelines
everyone is beginning to replace her.
Just getting by
trying to scrape herself
off the ground.

She tries speaking up
she can’t make a sound.
She feels like she’s sitting
in the lost and found,
just waiting for someone
Who’ll come back around?
Take her,
change her,
rearrange her
save her.

This curse,
it hurts.
She’s lost
all her self worth.
She had
put in so much work.
Her efforts
She’s stuck in a jail cell,
it’s constant self torment.
Who am I
supposed to be today?
she asks.

She’s been moving
through life as if
it’s all an act.
But when the curtains drawn
and it fades to black
she’s forced
to face
the girl behind the mask.

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