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As I type this it is around midnight, it’s April 2015 and its chilly here in Buffalo, NY. I am a writer, Duh, but I am sure you figured that out already. I started setting this site up strictly for myself, and although I still am looking to self promote, I decided that having a community of my own, filled with poets and writers, would be awesome. I know there are a number of other places people can go to write, and that’s okay. I am just looking to share what I have to say and maybe along the way others can join me.Yes, I am from Buffalo, and yes it is cold here but not all the time. It can be quite beautiful here and it is home to many amazing gems both known around the globe and unknown to all but those who live here. I have called this my home for my entire life and no matter where I go from here, it will always be. Throughout my posts you will see pictures from around my area and from where ever else my travels may take me. I hope to inspire someone to follow their voice and tell their story. I don’t have to inspire the world and I don’t have to share my voice with the globe, but if I can help just one person in a positive way, than I have done what I set out to do. I hope that you will join me and tell your story, as well. Whether, it be through poetic verse, short story, political discourse or just ranting about life, let your voice shine.If you want to help build this community please donate at the PayPal link below. The better the funding, the better our community!

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